Thursday, April 28, 2011

A nice place to eat in Puttlam area

It is very hard to find a decent place to eat in the Puttlam area and for the benefit of my fellow foodies and travellers I am putting up this post. This place was reccomended to us by JM whose passion is finding unique places to eat. Siebel's sea food cafe is in Palaviya just a few kilometers away from the Kalpitiya turn off.

This is owned and operated by a burgher gentleman from Colombo called Seibel - hence the name - who has been doing this for the past ten years. It seems he has some kind of hotel experience and that shows in the way he maintains the place. He also speaks English which is good if you are a foreigner.

This is not a fancy restaurant but its clean and hygienic. The water they serve is from one of those 20liter water dispensers and it was reassuring to notice that the sauce bottles were covered with polythene bags to keep away the flies. Since the kitchen is open one can see your food being made.

The food is unpretentious good old fashioned sri lankan devilled chinese which is served hot off the work extremely efficiently and fast. I heard they have a rice and curry buffet as well but it was closed since it was Sunday. We ordered deviled prawns fried cuttle fish and garlic garlic kankung with fried rice and our food was ready in less than ten minutes which was nice.

The Kankung was amazing. Sadly we all tucked into it so fast that there was no time to take a pic. Not only did it have cloves of garlic but it also had the normal onions tomato and capsicum which one would see in a "devil". Guess it could be described as a deviled kankung with garlic.
This place seems quite popular with the locals in the area because it was over flowing with people from the area. Overall we had a good meal and was delighted to discover that the bill too was quite reasonable as it worked out to less than 500 bucks per head. We all left this place with stomachs full hearts happy and a big burp in our throats.
You can call them on 0776584744 if needed.

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