Thursday, April 7, 2011

Cricketing Conspiracy Theories!

Was with some stalwarts in the cricketing administration and of course a post mortem of the world cup was definitely going to take place. What came out was really interesting. For instance the allegations that the match was fixed is being taken very seriously. But it is not the players who are suspected of the foul deep but the selector who brought in four new players and broke the equilibrium of the side. Coming to think of it the man is quite capable of something like this even though he is loaded. But I am sure a couple of extra hundred millions would always come in handy.
Also heard that SJ would have been playing for the world cup at the insistence of the leader of the land if not for 05 players in the team threatening to resign. Oh well this is Sri Lanka after all and a land like no other.


Ashoka said...

Here's a one humble post-mortem on the final.

I'm not much into conspiracy theories, except probably this :

Ashoka said...

sorry, missed the links. here's my 2 cents again.

WCC final - a round up

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