Friday, August 6, 2010

Desperate Housemaid...

Ohhh how wonderful life is when you have someone to do your work for you! That’s exactly how I felt when I was informed by the spouse that we had a couple working for us. I was on my way back from Yala when I heard this news and I settled back in my seat thinking wow life is getting better. And it was. The woman cooked awesome food and the man was really good around the house as well. He did all the work in the garden as well as minor repairs and life was absolute heaven…. for a couple of days that is.

Anyway three to four days down the road the man wanted to go to bring some clothes from the village and the ID card of the lady. He was supposed to return on that day itself… but it never happened. And it was then that the real story of the couple came out.

He was a married man who had eloped with this lady who was a widow. She had severed relationships with her family (kids and her mother) to join him and spend time with him. They had been moving from place to place for five weeks before coming to our house. And now it seems that she was pregnant as well. Her family had not wanted her to step into the house again and now without the man she was abandoned. She did not know what to do and who to turn to. Fortunately she had ended up at our place as my wife and I were willing to help her without putting her out on the road. Though we said we would not help her to abort the child as it was against our religious beliefs. However a couple of days later the man turned up with a sob story saying he had got picked up by the police when he went to the village as someone has reported her missing. And the woman felt it was her duty to go back with him to the police station to prove that he had not kidnapped her because after all they had hit him. So she dropped everything she was doing packed her bags went with him promising to return soon. That was two days ago… and we haven’t heard from her since.

Personally I think it was a load of poppycock and I feel that this guy knew how to get around this woman who was quite gullible. I am sure that they might go and try and get the child aborted at one of these seedy abortion clinics. But I can’t help admiring her as well as feeling sorry for her at the same time. She gave up everything stepped out of her comfort zone for love or at least what she thought was love and that’s something few of us would do.

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