Monday, August 30, 2010

4 in a honeymoon suite built for 2?

Surely you don’t expect a honeymoon suite to be built for more than 2 anyway? Isn't that common sense? Of course I know a particular chap who told his wife on his wedding that that he would rather his cousin who was the best-man consummate the marriage on his behalf. But that’s another (more interesting) story for another time. Of course the marriage was short lived I can tell you that. But this my friends was something which happened to me when I decided to take my family and kids to Landa house during the long weekend which came up recently. Sadly they don’t write advice on these kinds of things in parenting books.

Generally we occupy a large family room at Landa house which is on a higher elevation closer to the road. But this time I asked to be put up in the cabana closest to the roaring stream which is at the bottom of the decline where the property ends. The sound of water crashing on rock is something I really relish and find it completely soothing. I can remember the room being slightly smaller than the place where I stayed before but was willing to compromise on space to be closer to the water. It was not a tough decision to make and as we walked down the steps to the chalet you could literally feel yourself walking into a cooler and calmer atmosphere. The room was awesome it had a great view and I was congratulating myself on my wise decision when I heard my daughters exclaim aloud “… but this toilet does not have a door!!!!” And then only it dawned on me that it was absolutely true. I was so in awe of the atmosphere and the environment I had completely forgotten about the lack of doors when making the reservation. There were two glass panels which gave a certain amount of privacy to the occupant but if any one walked in through the entrance or was near the entrance to the room then they would literally see you on the throne. I realized that this room was ideal for a honey mooning couple but certainly not for a family with two virtually teenage daughters. Ohhh shivers!!! Was the peace and quiet of this holiday going to be shattered by the constant buzz of complaining daughters or worse would I have to shift to another room which would not be as cool. Fortunately for me the missus the ever resourceful person she is quickly figured something out. She took a bathroom brush placed it on the two glass panels and draped a blanket over it and voila we had privacy. Taking this room was the wisest thing I could have done. The word to describe it is absolutely heavenly. To sit out on the balcony reading a book whilst enjoying the quietness gave chilling a new meaning. Partly because after a few minutes you realize it can get quite cold. The only negative was that it was a couple of minutes walk to the dining area and it included a steep climb and sometimes you tended to trip over bumps and/or humps on the cemented pathways in the night. But over all we had a fantastic time we loved the meals menike –the lady from the close by village- made for us. I only wish we could have stayed longer. And the next time too I am going to ask for the same room because the brush will be there to rescue me once more J


Hoot-a-Toot said...

I googled the place and it looks heavenly! Good on the wifey. Who says we have a 'handi mite nuwana'...more like a brush mite one ;o)

Dee said...

haha anaa...cute ^_^