Monday, December 14, 2009

Murder of innocents at Continental...

A young life snuffed out before reaching its full potential! It would arouse the ire of anyone. Specially if you had to eat something so tiny. I am not talking about murder of humans. But it is still murder most fowl. Ok not fowl but more of the crustacian kind. Anyway this is the little prelude to an incident which took place on Saturday at Colombo continental or intercontinental whatever the case maybe. We were attending a training program and had broken for lunch and I was happily trying to eat healthy by spending a longer time than usual in the salad section. I was about to serve myself from quite a large dish of tomatoes when my eyes went to the name card which gave the name of the dish. It said shrimp salad??? Could it have been somekind of mistake? A typo? There were only tomatoes and some garnishing on the dish. I looked hard once or twice more and finally saw what I was looking for. A few microscopic shrimps hiding under the tomatoes. They were so tiny I am amazed how someone could peel them. Well I think it would have been far better to have called the salad a tomato salad instead and let those little prawns grow up to be eaten later and larger. :)
I wanted to attach a picture of this murdered baby prawn for you to see and since in close up all prawns look alike I even balanced it on a tip of a knife for size comparison. And guess what i cant seem to access the media card of my phone. So it will be uploaded on another day. Ughhhh sometimes technology sucks the big one.
Overall we found the service at this place has deteriorated very very badly so much so the waiter who was serving us tea dissapeared and we had to serve our tea and help ourselves to the cake by ourselves. Well the good thing is overall the program was excellent and all of us thought it was extremely worth sacrificing a complete saturday for attending it.

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