Thursday, December 31, 2009

Its christmas time! it is SHIT LIST Time!

Yes tis the season to be jolly and this is the time certain people decide it is time to do so at other peoples’ expense. And we are besieged by loads of people coming with a list asking for a donation since its Christmas. These people include the post man the garbage man (in fact two years back we had a fake garbage crew go around the area collecting their tips before the real guys showed up) the news paper man the guy who sprays your garden and so many other people you never knew existed to improve your life till they appeared at your door step. A benign smile on their face and a list thrust out towards you and beaming a expectant filled smile at you. Invariably the first few people who have contributed seem to have donated large amounts of money. And it would be beneath us to put less than what the others have given; at least that is what I think they hope we would think. Sadly no one takes the bite.

But this year in my office we are faced with a crisis thanks to the list.

Some bright spark has decided without informing me that since this year there was no staff bonus there would be no tips for the people who showed up with lists. Well apparently over 15 groups of people have turned up and had unhappily walked away with these words ringing in their ears. Except the garbage man decides to take action about not having their palms greased. And from that day forth they have decided to collect only one bag or garbage at a time from our office as a sign of protest. Suddenly we are faced with a mountain of garbage because of an idiotic decision to save a thousand bucks.

What is worse is the indignity of it all.

Imagine being held to ransom by the guys who collect garbage? One side of me wants to fight this tooth and nail. Pull out my little black book call all my contacts and complain and try and get these people fired and stir up a hornets’ nest.

But the more rational side of my mind is saying put all this effort into getting some new business and your effort would be well rewarded. After all the guys who do this are doing it because they don’t have any other means of earning a living. Surely no one dreams of being a garbage collector when they are young! And I am sure they could do with the extra money. So with much difficulty and swallowing my pride I told the admin guy to go ahead and give the Christmas tips to the garbage guys and the postman after all one cannot live in a mountain of garbage and one does not want the post to be thrown into the dumps.

So here I am licking my wounds. My pride injured, Ego dented at least I can say I managed to save the day.

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