Sunday, December 6, 2009

F'in Effies

Yikes it was another thursday night which would have been far better as well as less costlier staying at home. Instead I had to drag my ass to the waters edge hardly able to breath thanks to a tie around my neck. Now I know why I have successfuly managed to avoid wearing tie for the past four years except for two occassions along with this one.
You might wonder why all this sufferring. Well a little bird has told us we were getting an Effie. Damn it! Yeaah! This was good news. Specially since we nearly waited without submitting our sole entry. The lazybones that I am I had forgotten all about it till the night before the entries were due. So we (ok my team... I was cordinating all this err from the gym) put our heads together scripted a little AV got it edited got the necessary material together got client signatures and got the entry delivered on time. Ahhhh!
I can still remember a colleague calling me and wanting to abandon the job as we did not have enough material and me agreeing. I agreed and then called back and said no let's do it with what ever we have in hand. Which was one of the wisest decisions I have ever made. We were all thrilled when we heard about the effie till someone told me that it was not there in the line up of the commercials which were being set up for the show. I was devastated to say the least and was wondering how I was going to tell the client who I had already shared the info with.
Well thankfully we got info from another source that our name was on the awards book and therefore we had to have had an award. Well wheels were set in motion and it was found that someone in the organising committee had actually forgotten about us.
So tickets were bought. People forced to beg borrow or hire suits since it was supposed to be black tie. I was pleasantly surprised to see that now in Colombo you can hire suits for an occassion just like you would rent a tux abroad. And they even adjust it to fit you. Costs only a thousand bucks with 3500 deposit. Well after all this excitement all of us arrived at the effies a little worn out.
If I were to say that it was a masterpiece of mismanagement I would not be wrong.
To start off with I wanted to double check the date and venue of the show and visited the website. Can you believe it that it said the date was the 27th of November while an article on the blog section gave the accurate date. The event was no better. For instance the ticket said seven pm the show started thirty minutes late. Sadly those who had got invites have been kept waiting for an hour cos the invitation had said six thirty.
Also the show was all patriotic with local flags flying and raban players kandyan dancers and stuuf... which was in complete contrast to the black tie event which we were dressed for. Well the food was average the entertainment was worse except a baila session by some legends of sri lankan music. The most entertaining act for me was when the two compeers actually tried to sing baila to introduce the act. Let me say there was no chance in hell they would be upstaging the main performers they introduced. The winners were all hyper the rest were not. Artificial congratulations hugs and kisses were exchanged all around. I decided to head home thanking god that I could still make it for my workout the next day instead of having to cancel it.

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