Saturday, June 11, 2016

The Power of perception!

Actually the heading “The problem of perception” would have been better suited for this post. Whilst thinking of how to start this post my thoughts took a trip down memory lane. It was to an advertising campaign done by the Rolling Stone magazine. Not to sell more magazines. But rather to educate potential clients that their perception of the magazine’s audience has transformed over time.
Well my encounter with wrong perception happened with Cake and pies and all things nice.
We all know that Mitsi’s is a place which is renowned for their delicious cakes and other sweet treats. In fact their reputation for dessert was so strong that I never thought they did any other type of dishes. Boy wasn’t I wrong. 
Mixed Grill

Grilled Cheese quite delicous!
Recently I was taken there for lunch and much to my delight I realized that they have an amazing range of savory and meat dishes. Quite similar to German Restaurant. We had a mixed grill which was really out of this world. Though it is not the typical portion served in local restaurants with a fried egg on top. Regardless it was wonderful. Some of their other dishes were also pretty good such as their grilled cheese. Overall I was quite impressed with the food as well as the price which was far easier on the purse than the trusty German Restaurant. However there is one fly in the ointment which is that they don’t have any pork dishes available out of respect for their muslim clients I guess. Regardless of this I am looking to explore the menu further with great relish. Expect more posts on the savory delights at Mitsis.

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