Monday, June 13, 2016

A lovely little place to stay in Vienna… Springer Apartments!

You can’t find it on AirBnB. Neither can you find it in Tripadvisor. Hence my post on here. But this is a gem of a place right in the heart of the diplomatic district of Vienna. It is less than a minutes’ walk to the HaupBhanoff station. To call it a station is an understatement. Technically it is a giant shopping mall in which you can also catch trains. It has a lovely super market, food court, all types of clothing stores as well as a star bucks. This place is like a little self-contained universe. I could not think of a more conveniently located digs.
The apartment that I stayed in was lovely. It was large, comfortable as well as very artistically designed. And it had everything which would help me to live comfortable including fridge, oven, washing machine toaster and even a dish washer.
There was one down side. Which is that they don’t clean the place till you leave and you have to remove your own garbage. Similar establishments I have stayed in before clean apartments once a week and remove the garbage for you daily.
But to be honest I didn’t mind cleaning a bit myself because the apartment even comes with a vacuum cleaner.
And the best part is that I paid less than 50 Euros a day as I stayed here for over three weeks. I am posting some pics from their website which is here.
I sincerely hope that someone out there found this information useful. J

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