Thursday, November 5, 2015

Buth packet without the buth!

No this is definitely not a post about being let down at a restaurant. Though one could be excused for thinking so when reading the title.
But this is one absolutely simple and clever way of getting your hands on a great value for money low carb meal conveniently.
"Why did not I think of this?" was my first reaction when I saw the picture featured in this post on my friend DCs Facebook wall.
The simplicity of the thought made me want to cry. After all I had been hunting around for cost effective low carb meals for years without success. As well as spending a lot of money I might add because most of my meals had to be ordered from restaurants. Yes they were expensive. However that is not the main reason why you can't eat this kind of restaurant food every day. It just does not have the rich variety of flavours and textures which the humble buth packet has.
Of course getting your local food joint to give you a buth packet without the buth has its own challenges. My usual server looked at me as if I was mad. What I have realised is that instead of trying to explain to them the nitty gritties of a low carb diet, it is far more easier to ask them to put the curries separately and the rice separately saying you will mix them your own.
But thank goodness to this simple yet unique idea I can enjoy the benefits of a low carb diet without having it burn a hole in my pocket. Yeah!

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