Friday, November 20, 2015

Amazing value for money

It was a rainy night… I had two hours to kill and I wanted to be around Colombo. So I decided to head over to another one of my favourite hangouts White & Co on marine drive. I love that place. The food is good the coffee is excellent but I have also found that it offers the best value for money in relation to some of the other locations I visit regularly. I must confess I nearly hit the floor when I got my bill that day. The total was slightly under 1200/- which was amazingly low for the amount of stuff I have consumed. During my two hours I had two excellent cappuccinos, a large rocket salad and a tomato soup – which were all delicious by the way. I never thought that the bill would be so low. I also realized one reason for this was because the prices stated on the menu are net prices and the price you see is the price you pay. So you are not hit with unexpected taxes and service charges which can add many pluses to your bill. Way to go Wight & Co. Way to go.

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