Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Have you heard of the Ophiuchus?

Or Serpentarius?
I did not till recently and I am sure neither of the majority of you who are reading this post.
But it is the 13th Zodiac sign. Yes I thought there were only 12 too till I came across this nugget of information. Astrologers have always known about the transition of the sun through Ophiuchus inbetween Scorpio and Saggitarius but since the duration was only 19 days they did not think it worthy of including into the Zodiac.
Amazingly I realised that I too come under this sign as the dates fall between 29thth November and 17th January.
The Sepentarius is depicted as a man holding a snake. (Interestingly this is the only Zodiac sign which is based on a human form) and one could be forgiven for associating the negative aspects of snakes with people who come under this sign. But in reality the serpant stands for healing – remember the caduceus which is the symbol of medicine which has two snakes wrapped around a staff? – and Serpentarians are supposed to have a lot of good qualities:
 - interpreter of dreams, vivid premonitions,
- attracts good luck and fruitful blessings,
- serpent holder, lofty ideals, – a seeker of peace and harmony,
- doctor of medicine or science, natural-pathic, – adds, increases, joins, or gathers together
– poetical, inventive nature, expanding qualities,
- seeks higher education and wisdom, – overseer, supervisor of work, – fame – either grand, or completely misunderstood, – longevity, aspirations of healing the ills of man,
- architect, builder, reaches for the stars, figuratively and literally,
- tax assessor, or levys taxes,
- astrological talents, intuitive,
- large family indicated, but apt to be separated from them when young,
- the number twelve holds great significance,
- foresight and good fortune to benefit from hard times,
- has secret enemies in family or close associations,
- many jealous of this subject,
- notable father, apple of father’s eye when young,
- high position in life expected [depending on aspects] highest fame and legend comes after death
Somehow to me the description of the charachteristics of a Serpentarius fits with my understanding of myself more than that of a Sagittarius which was what I thought my zodiac sign would be. Of course not that I believe in this stuff but still it does make for some interesting reading.

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