Friday, January 16, 2015

Scarred for life by a movie

She held her husband by the ear and menacingly whispered "it does not matter if you come home or not... but your pay packet has to..." This was the scene which tickled my wife’s fancy and made us stroll into the Savoy 2 on the night of the elections when everyone else was lying low indoors just in case curfew was imposed. It also meant that we were the only people in the entire theatre. We laughed at this unique experience thinking how cowardly the others were. Not for teeny weeny moment did we suspect that maybe the theatre was empty because people were actually keeping away from it.
Not that we were expecting fine art and performances worthy of Oscars.
But we were certainly hoping that we would have some good laughs like we do when we watch the antics of H.E Chaminda Puswedilla. After all the movie "No Marks, ko marks" was starring Wijeya Nandasiri an excellent comedian and he was depicting the life of a politician. Quite similar to Puswedilla. Or so I thought. But what we experienced was absolutely pathetic. It seems that the only effort that has been put into the production has been to string together something in the fastest and cheapest manner possible. I intentionally refrained from calling it a movie as it would be an insult to movies to do so.
I never knew that there could be so many dimensions of bad in something till I saw this monstrosity. Bad acting, bad casting, bad costuming, bad storyline, bad lighting, bad camerawork, bad editing, bad graphics... I could go on and on for hours.
And the worst part is a refrain from the movie where this guy says "sathutoooi" is etched into our minds like a bad itch which never seems to go away.
I also could not help but notice that one of the people I respect very much who is considered a legend within the industry has been the editor.
The only consolation is if this gentleman asks me what I thought of the movie I can say "it was an unforgettable experience" truthfully.

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