Friday, December 20, 2013

The most amazing all you can eat sea food deal in town.

Yes I could not believe my eyes and ears when I heard about it myself. But it is true. All you can eat sea food at the Kingsbury Ocean for just 1800 Net. I actually thought that they would have a minute spread of sea food to select from. But I was absolutely wrong. There were prawns, crabs, calamari, a variety of whole fish including tilapiya, garoupa and Modha plus fish roe in their selection. Of course it did not include Lobsters, Oysters and giant prawns that would have been too much to expect. But for the price they charge this was an amazing spread. What surprises me most is you can have a variety of preparations of just one item if needed.  In addition to the sea food they provide rice and stir fried vegetables as well. Just read what we ate for you to get an idea of what heavenly treats awaits you at the Ocean. We had Tempura Prawns and Handellas for starters. Then ginger garlic prawns, Prawns in red curry, Hot butter cuttle fish as well as cuttle fish in tamarind sauce, devilled fish roe, Grilled Tilapiya and  steamed Modha as part of our main meal. Normally a meal of this nature would have set us back by 30,000/- Sadly the price does not include dessert but I believe it is still worth it. This offer is on during lunch on week days I would not miss out if I were you. 

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