Friday, December 27, 2013

Nature’s energy drink.

I am a gym junkie. If you look at me this is not an evident fact. But that does not stop me from visiting the gym 6 days a week. More importantly it also does not stop me from experimenting with all sorts of nutrition supplements hoping that it will give me a little edge. In the hope that it would help me to shave off a couple of inches off my ample waist. I have tried them all. Pre workout, post workout, while working out. If there was a powder or concoction which promised a better performance I would swallow it in a jiffy without any hesitation. However most of these supplements were not that helpful as it said in all their communication. Being in the communications field myself I should have known better.
After 8 years of looking aimlessly I have found something which really helps my work out. It was something which was in front of my eyes but which was invisible to me. Because I was blindly searching for something foreign thinking it was better.
I am talking about the humble king coconut.
I take a bottle full of king coconut water and sip on it during my work out. Amazingly you don’t get tired halfway through your workout when you do so. Which means you can perform at full capacity right to the end of your workout.

What a shame I had to wait 8 years to find this out.

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Diva Days Musings said...

You can also try eating slices of cucumber...cut at least half a centimeter in thickness. Add a dash of salt for flavour if you is an excellent energy booster.I have tried and tested it, I can guarantee you will feel instantly revitalized. However eat one slice at a time in all good things can truly be experienced best, when taken slowly and in small measure.