Saturday, June 2, 2012

Stepping into the Colombo Courtyard.

I am a sucker for great design especially well laid out living spaces. And the Colombo Court Yard building has been fluttering its eye lashes at me enticingly every time I pass it. And I pass it virtually every day. The little glimpses of what I got whetted my appetite to step into it one of these days. But I never had a reason to do so till it came in the form of entertaining my friends M and M at a place which is outside the regular haunts.
It was one of the best decisions of my life to step into this place.  It is a design addicts dream come true. Each square foot of this place has been planned and designed with utmost care and impeccable taste.  Admittedly the spaces are quite small but it is amazing what they have done with the place and it is an absolute treat to soak in the atmosphere.

We experienced friendly service right from the moment we stepped out of our vehicle. I had entered through the exit but the valet parking guys – yes they have a valet parking service which is better than what I have experienced at 5 star hotels - were pretty decent about it and did not make a fuss.
We started out at the cloud café which is an open air space on the roof top with an extreme minimalistic and zen like theme. But it was a humid night and threatening to rain so we moved to the air-conditioned loft lounge bar. It is a lovely cozy place and once again Kudos to the guys who did the interiors. Breathtakingly amazing and damn comfy – that’s how I would describe the place.  It had nice music most of the time  (till they started playing an entire album of old Michael Jackson hits which was not cool but it is better than the choconut lounge which was playing auld lang syne when I visited it in May) though it was a little too loud. But the waiter was kind enough to switch off the speaker on our end so we could hear ourselves speak.  The drinks were reasonably priced and the mojito M had was decent though full of sugar. The only dish we ordered was pretty good.  Actually everything was good till some uncouth rich people came and started ordering champagne and behaving like pigs and got the waiters to turn on all the speakers and increase the volume of the Michal Jackson song which was playing and dancing around like absolute jackasses. We thought we should take the cue from the song which was playing and “Beat it” as their actions were intruding into our comfort zone so to speak. And that is exactly what we did. 
Overall we had a great experience. I believe we enjoyed ourselves as much as we would have had at seven degrees but did not have to pay the 5 star prices. The fact that the place was not teeming with people was an added advantage. I definitely see myself going there once more.  Most definitely.
If you check out the place take a moment to appreciate some of the great art work which is absolutely awesome.


Anonymous said...

Just wen i was thinking on taking someone special there, came across this review. Thank u :)

Anonymous said...

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