Thursday, May 31, 2012

Namal Babata Kiyanawa

This is a story told by a Sri Lankan airlines cabin crew member to one of my close friends. It is too good not to be shared.
Apparently thanks to the current regime in power the Sri Lankan airlines flight crew now have large amounts of young stewards and stewardesses from the Hambantota district joining the carders as juniors. Not only are they under qualified for this job it also seems that they all come with a chip on their shoulders. Most seniors are wary of ordering the juniors around from Hambantota to carry out tasks as there have been instances where they have refused to do so saying “Namal Babata Kiyanawa”.  In fact one junior stewardess has been boasting to a senior that if she (the senior) wants a transfer that she (the junior stewardess) could arrange it by talking to Namal, Baba.
What a sad state of affairs this is. 


santhoshi said...

CJ i heard this and what a shame cause they are really rude to the passengers and are in the end going to lose out on customers.

Jack Point said...

Have heard it too.

Apparently when the emperor or the family travels the entire flight staff are from Hambantota.

Anonymous said...

Ya true man.

Apparently of the last batch of staff recruited of 200, a little over 100 were from H'tota.

When Prez is overseas he takes an Srilankan plane with him. When they went to St Kitts for the Commonwealth bid the plan was parked there for 48 hours. When Prez went to Aussie, plan was parked for a week.

Plays hell with the schedules.If you fly Sri Lankan high chance of getting offloaded, if a bigwig decides to travel somewhere.

also Mihin is now slowly being merged with Sri Lankan, the crews and the aircraft are being interchanged.

Jack Point said...

sacramentum said...

What more could you expect when the country has gone to the dogs...It is sad indeed.