Sunday, May 27, 2012

Cioconat lounge: A paradise for drinking chocolate lovers!

Chocolate! Chocolate!  Chocolate! Drinking chocolate to be precise!
 Finally my quest to find that perfect cup of drinking chocolate has come to an end. A quest which has been going on for a good 15 years I might add.  I have tried all the usual haunts from Barista to the Hilton to the Gallery Café and none of them came up to scratch. Untill now.  What makes me shudder is to think that I might have missed out on this place for quite a long time if not for providence  making me step into it completely by accident.
I have been passing Ciconat lounge – where Barnes Place connects to Kinsey Road - for a couple of weeks now. My first response was “Oh no! Not yet another coffee shop! Yawn!  
It did look nice and inviting from the outside. But then so do others. And nothing motivated me to step in till I was looking for a quiet place for a lengthy conversation.
And it is only then I found out that the main offering of Cioconat lounge is hot chocolate. Warm, gooey thick delicious chocolaty hot chocolate. 32 flavors of it. And it tastes so damn good too!  I was oohing and ahing writhing and moaning with pleasure as this heavenly liquid slid down my throat some might have thought I was caught in the throes of an orgasm. I must confess it did feel orgasmic but guess the pleasure of drinking chocolate can be enjoyed for longer.
Cioconat lounge also serves coffee and some other delicious cold beverages which are very nice. I found the staff quite nice and friendly and quick to offer you a free sample of any sample you inquire about. And the sample servings are quite generous. They have the usual range of sweets and savories as well as serve breakfast lunch and dinner. Everything is cooked in house by an Italian trained chef. They also have a little section which sells sweets and other interesting stuff including fresh dates from various countries in the middle east.
It was only after googling that I realized that the Cioconat lounge is an international franchise of Middle Eastern origin promoting “Italian hot chocolate culture”. Ha ha sounds convoluted doesn’t it.
I am surprised that not many people have discovered this place yet. In fact I would have expected people to throng to it since it offers such a unique offering. Guess many make the mistake I did and think of it as just another coffee shop. 


GG said...

Hey cj, dropped in at the place straight after seeing your recommendation!
AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! I had the cold version, choco milkshake that is, because I was a bit too warm after a walk at the Independence square.
But yes you were right, it's divine!!

Lady divine said...

Can't wait to try it!!! =) thanks for the info..:)

Angel said...

I've been hugging this little place to myself for a couple of months now... isn't the chocolate just decadently awesome!!? Have not tried the eats, but will definitely do so soon!

Dimuthu Andrahennedhy said...

Today was my 20th or 30th visit to Cioconat Lounge in Barnes place. Because I always loved the food and the customer care you receive.

But Today!!! it was so appalling and embarrassing!

I went there with my family today. We were there by 9 PM for the dinner, ordered some simple menu. We waited and waited... to 10.15 pm, after 1.15 hours of the order... still the food was not served. Staff seems ignoring and don't care .... not bothered... I went ask the desk when I can expect the food... we may take some more time ( 5 more minutes) . around 10.30 Pm food was served... with lot of spice in it... I have no idea how come suce exceptional service of this place went down from top 10 to bottom 0...

I myself has recommended this place to many of my friends. Brought many my friends here.. Now... I feel bad ... as I don't know how their personal experience would have been.
Sorry folks..

Cant recommend this place anymore. .... Not advisable... I think the evening staff are pathetic.. not good! not good! not good ! despite being a regular customer .. I had a terrible experience today..