Sunday, March 11, 2012

Exes Ex

 Awkard is…
being in a house with your ex and the kid you guys made together. With your ex’s ex wife. and her boyfriend. And your ex’s current girlfriend.
When I read these words in bubble butts blog post I couldn’t help but wonder if I would ever get to face something similar. And amazingly a couple of weeks later I did. Well not to the scale of the experience of bubble butt but maybe quite a few notches down the pole so to speak. To appreciate the plot you need to know the characters in the story. There is NA who was my girl friend at that time. And then there is RC who happened to be a mutual friend of both. We were buddies and all three of us used to hang out together quite a lot. When I and NA parted ways RC and NA got close and then they got married. Of course all this developments meant that RC and I drifted apart. It was awkward to be friends and hangout when ones wife is your ex. Many years later RC and NA parted ways. But RC and I never connected because by then we had our own social networks and lives to lead. And our social circles rarely overlapped. Suddenly a couple of months ago I got a face book request from RC. And we started connecting via fb chat and then via phone and amazingly I ran into him at a clients function where we got talking. And as we spoke the old camaraderie we shared came back. It was like old times once again. It certainly is great to have old friends back in your life.

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Cadence said...

Relationships we make with people are odd. Sometimes they work out sometimes they don't. Sometimes there's understanding in the long run but it's very few and far between. So I'd say ur lucky CJ :)