Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The blast from the past.

Remember the old flame which I wrote about on here many moons ago?
Well the good news is there is a continuation to the story. When I did not get an answer for a long time  I thought my fb mail to would have been ignored. But amazingly many weeks later I got a reply. It seems that she is part of the minority that does not spend a lot of time on FB and does not check her mail regularly. But her tone was friendly – guess time is a great healer – and we did exchange our regular email addresses and begun corresponding. And things progressed from emails to text messages to lets meet up for coffee.
 I was quite nervous. And coming to think of it I am sure she would have been too. After all we were meeting after a gap of 25 years! A number which was higher than our age when we knew each other. Would we hate each other at first sight? Would we start fighting? Should I shake her hand or give her a hug? These were some of the questions which were going through my mind. As expected things were a bit reserved during the first few moments. Both of us were tongue tied wondering what to say. So much time has passed so many things had changed. It was tense. But then as the minutes passed and the conversation became less forced and more genuine all the awkwardness just crumbled away. And we ended up talking for nearly ninety minutes much to the ire of the stewards at the coffee shop.  And today I can consider her a close friend.


No One Knows said...

ohh you are so still waiting for this moment.i think this is fate.
is she single?

santhoshi said...

I did wonder if there was a continuation to that story I am happy for you.

In my case, I hope i never meet the ex due to bad memories. :)

Anonymous said...

I met up with my ex after 28 years we both have spouses and families but it has been amazing to renew our friendship on a different level - we've become better friends than ever before and have great chats and our families get on well. However some of our friends can
Not accept it as they can't handle a male having a female as. Best buddy!