Monday, June 13, 2011

Conspiracy Theories - this time its cricket

Well I heard two tidbits of info from reliable sources.
One being the reason why SJ wanted to play his pre-retirement match in UK instead of home soil. It was because that he was worried he would get hooted when he goes into bat. Of course I got more info on how he made sure that only his allies were voted in to the selection committee but then everyone knows that already and I really don't have anything new to add on that matter than what a crying shame.
But wait till you listen to this.
HT who was shouting about match fixing for sometime finally went upto the powers that be with a priest in tow for additional security and spilled the beans in His Excellencies ear. Two of the three names mentioned were those who everyone suspected which was ADS the former Ferrari driving selector and the Bookie man himself. However the third name which featured prominently was non other than of the Manthrithuma whose wielding the bat right now in UK. Hmmmm let's see what unfolds and what the future holds?

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Anonymous said...

Well,this is nothing new as certain websites have been exposing these developments.It is also said that HT didn't reveal the whole story regarding match fixing.HT was influenced by a former captain to reveal these three names as this former heavyweight has a grudge with two of the exposed.He did this through HT coz he wants to divert attention.Coz he wants to save his skin as he was implicated in match fixing in the infamous skandakumar report in early 1990s.
Selection committee can be influenced not only by our MP but also some managers and club officials as well.Even lokka DS has got the mussalman into the team thru da selector on tour.Mussalman got in thru politics and not on merit!The Selector on tour is taking decisions on his own without giving any regards to what his collegues in SL think about.Hardly anyone in that committee has some integrity apart from the big man but he too has a file to cover up!