Monday, July 3, 2017

Sunsets, Cocktails and Solitude

It is 5.30 in the evening. You are seated by the sea.
The wind blows through your hair. The sound of waves gently slapping against the rocks gives you a strange sense of comfort.
You take a sip of a delicious cocktail and heave a sigh of relief as you feel the days stress evaporate off your body whilst your eyes feast on a magnificent sunset. 
You smile contentedly to yourself knowing that this is a luxury only you will enjoy and that there is no one else around to disturb your peace.
Sounds quite amazing doesn't it?
Somehow I thought to enjoy this kind of experience one would have to go out of town. Maybe deep down south on a non mercantile holiday. But to my delight I discovered that one could immerse ones self in such an experience in the heart of the city.
At the Sea Spray sea food restaurant of the Galle Face Hotel.
Their is a high probability you might not have heard of it. 
The Sea Spray restaurant is a poor imitation of  Kingsbury's Ocean and Cinnamon Grands Lagoon. They might fall short on quality but one thing they have over the others is an amazing sea view slap bang by its side.
Those few who have heard of it know it as a some what popular dining destination.
Only a tiny minority know that the restaurant opens their bar at 5 in the evening so that you can sit on the terrace and sip  a cocktail enjoying a picture post card view of a stunning sun set.
Sadly their kitchen opens only at 7 so you really don't have anything substantial to munch on, other than the few bread fruit chips which they place on your table. Sadly they were not in a position to deliver food from the coffee shop or main kitchen when I asked them if they would do so.
It is indeed a shame. 
But this is just a tiny irritant when compared to the total wow of the experience you are getting.  For the price of a single drink at that.
Now that you have heard about it I am sure you are wanting to go and check it out. Please do. But do me a favour? Don't tell anyone else about it. Lets keep it our little secret.

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