Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Scenes from another life...

They rushed into each others arms and kiss.

Deeply... Passionately... Lovingly...

She runs her fingers through her hair feeling its softness.

He caresses her face and tenderly lifts her chin up with his fingers and looks at the fresh lovebites on her neck.

"So is there someone in your life now" he asks..

"Yes" she says "you know my feelings for you will never change but you have **** in your life".

"I understand" he brings her close to him and holds her tight.

They sit. Their bodies touching one anothers. Their arms around each other.

She tells him her story.

How they met. Who he is. What he does. How he treats her. How she feels.

He listens intently.

It is then that he realises that she is here seeking his blessing. In order to break free from the heart strings that has bound them for so long.

He strokes her hair gently and says "I am happy for you".

A smile of relief spreads across her face. In direct contrast to the tears in her eyes.

They kiss. They hug. They hold each other close for one last time.

They part.

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