Thursday, May 26, 2016

Isn't Karma a Bitch

"Oh goodness these Sri Lankan men are useless!"
"I will never even associate with any one from Sri Lanka - even though I am Sri Lankan"!
"These people don't even know how to loving or be romantic"
"Or even how to make love properly".
"I want to marry a Sudda (foriegner)".
This was the constant stream of drivel which was spewing out of the mouth of a certain lady I know. And yes she got involved with a white guy which made her even prouder and more arrogant as she strutted around insulting the entire male population of our country.
Unfortunately for her the white guy turned out to be one of these confidence tricksters who tricked her out of over 5000 euros.
For someone who was constantly complaining about the lack of sexual prowess of the Sri Lankan male she certainly got screwed. :)

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