Wednesday, June 10, 2015


The two exes hug each other closely… they look fondly into each others eyes... and smile.
“It’s been a long time” he says.
“It’s good to see you” she answers
They never parted as lovers but things have changed.
Burning desire has been replaced by the warmth of friendship. Caring by concern. Fierce passion by affection. Romance by respect.
They slip into a deep conversation with the ease of a duck sliding into water.
They talk and they talk and they talk.
She tells him of her new love. He talks about his life. His work. His health.
They talk about the good times and the grand times they have shared.
A glimpse of light reflecting off a band of metal catches his attention. It takes him back in time to a blur of a memory. Where he places a ring on her finger and says “no matter what happens I would like you to wear it as a symbol of the special bond we shared”. She hugs him close and whispers “yes”.
He suddenly realised that even after all these years she has not broken her promise.