Sunday, August 26, 2012

When art imitates life: The machine gun preacher.

Sometimes there is a movie which completely knocks you over your feet and “The Machine gun preacher” is one of those. This is one of the movies which I had with me for a couple of months. Maybe even more but never got down to watching it till the end.  Though I did go through the first few minutes of it once and had to stop due to some strange reason which I cannot recall at all at this point in time.
But now I am digressing. One thing I don’t want you to think is that the reason I stopped watching this movie was because it was boring. That is the last thing it is. In fact if it wasn’t so contradictory and lame after what was outlined in the paragraph above I would be bold enough to say that it is a movie you just can’t seem to stop watching. It does sound kind of self defeating doesn’t it.
The Machine gun preacher is about a typical American hilly billy bad boy who is drug addict, a criminal and a guy who gets his wife to work in a strip club so he can afford to buy his beer. A typical American low life is how he would be best described. But then he goes to a church service gets saved and becomes a completely different man. One day he hears about the suffering of children in Sudan from a visiting pastor to his church and decides to visit Sudan. When he is confronted by the kind of trauma the kids their go through it galvanizes him into action. He builds an orphanage for the kids in Sudan and goes looking for Kids who are abandoned, misused and abused in the war torn country. Where there is no respect for life. Even the life of a little child.
He would go to any length to save the children even if it meant attacking the enemies. Hence the moniker “Machine Gun Preacher”.  This movie brought tears into my eyes whilst watching specially the way children were mistreated in this country. An agonizing sequence was when some kids were chained to the ground to be used as human bait. Also of course to realize that so much good can be within someone who is classified as bad by society. 

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