Monday, April 23, 2012

The Perfect Sandwich!

The sandwich was here as you can see it disappeared pretty fast. 

From the first moment I held it in my hands I knew it was something special. And when I chomped into it and savored that first bite I had an epiphany. I realized this sandwich was the most perfect one I had ever eaten.  
Yes! I finally found it.
 I  agree it is not a life changing discovery maybe like the cure for Aids?
Regardless I feel euphoric about it. So much so I am dedicating a post to it.
I have always described my sandwiches as good, nice tasty etc but there has always been something which has been holding me back from claiming any particular one to be absolutely perfect.  That was until I went to HTC (Heladiv Tea Club) with my buddy Y for a quick bite over the weekend. For some strange reason the entire Dutch hospital complex was deserted and there were people standing outside the doors of the various restaurants trying to hustle the few people who where their inside. Reminded me of the touts outside stores in Pettah.
Not that it had to do anything with my sandwich.
But maybe… just maybe… the lack of people might have been the reason why that the guy who was executing our order could give it his undivided attention and create a masterpiece.
The bread was nice, soft and warm. The vegetables were crisp and fresh. The tandoori chicken filling was full of flavor, moist and juicy. The accompanying salad was as fresh.  I was amazed at how they managed to keep the vegetables so crisp and fresh because that’s where most of the others screw up. It seemed as if it was freshly cut even though it was not.
And then things got even better when we sampled the Tiramisu which was absolutely heavenly. According to my friend “Y” this was the real Tiramisu made using fresh cream instead of mousse which is what is generally used in most restaurants. And the portion was large enough to be shared by two.
All in all it was a good experience and I can’t wait to try the Tiramisu once again.   Also hats off to the guys who manage HTC – though I still consider calling it a Tea Club is a misnomer. 


ARTRA said...

interesting topic of discussion!glad you enjoyed the sandwich :)

tablet said...

i feel hungry now!

GG said...


Jack Point said...

The weather must be keeping people away, no one wants to get out with this type of rain.

Jack Point said...

The weather must be keeping people away, no one wants to get out with this type of rain.

Cadence said...

Good lord u sound like C! Another sandwich buff! What was the SW u tried? and the best tiramisu I've had was at Cafe Che but it's just gone down the tubes now :( Yet to visit the precint and this will be a good place to start off!

cj said...


Tablet: Guess what I am feeling hungry again too. I really want to sample that Tiramisu once more.

GG- He he I know it is kind of funny isn't it?

Jack: Actually Jack at that time the weather was quite nice but it was about one in the afternoon on a Saturday.

Cadence: Wow I didn't realize there were others like me but I am sure glad to know it. The Sandwich I tried was Tandoori Chicken. I must confess Cadence that I have never tried the Cafe Che Tiramisu. I generally tend to avoid all eating establishments run by Harpo because of a few bad experiences. But I must say I have been hearing that the food at the Harpos joint at the DH is supposed to be quite good. But I still have not gathered up the courage or conviction to put this to the test.

Angel said...

The sandwich sounds heavenly... must give it a try!