Sunday, January 22, 2012

My “Why this Kolaveri Di!” story!

Oh goodness I got on the Kolaveri band wagon so late – actually when it was going out of fashion – but am so glad to have found it. I loved it so much that I had to find out more about the song. And realized the phrase “Kolaveri” means “Murderous Rage”. The guy singing is asking his girl friend why she is so angry. Well I am quite sure you know all this already. But this song is the perfect title for a story I want to share. About something which happened to a close friend of mine.
He was in love with this girl. But he was in a marriage and she was going through a divorce which meant circumstances prevented them from being together as much as they wanted to. This lead to lots of stresses and fighting and the relationship was strained and in the end they decided to part and still remain friends.
When they were together he had given her a handmade birthday card. It was not very pretty in fact it was an A4 sheet folded in two. But the idea behind it was how the letters of her name were a part of his name and how if those words were removed his name would not have any meaning any more. Anyway he still cared for her a lot and made sure her interests were looked after even though she may or may have not realized it. One day he met a lady missionary who he thought would be of immense help to this girl as she was going through a lot of mental stress and trauma. So my friend engineered a meeting and made sure that they got to know one another.  My friend, the girl we are talking about and a few others were all working on a project together. My friend made sure the missionary invited her for Christmas dinner because she was going to be alone on Christmas day otherwise. The dinner was a success and everything was fine. During a conversation the girl told my friend the lady missionary’s birthday was a couple of days away. Sensing an opportunity to spend some time with the girl my friend decided to organize a dinner for the lady missionary and the team who were involved in the project. He even asked the girl to find out what kind of food the lady missionary liked. Anyway one night my friend and the lady missionary were having a conversation via email and the conversation led to food and my friend informed her about his plans of taking everyone out for dinner. The next day the missionary met the girl and told her about the invitation for dinner. For some reason the girl became quite upset that she was not informed in advance about the invitation being extended to the missionary though she knew that the dinner was planned.  And from that time onwards she started behaving quite crazily towards my friend who was trying to pacify her. After all the main reason he did it was because of her. Anyway things did not go well and it all came to a climax on the day the dinner took place. Of course the girl had refused to attend the dinner. And as the dinner was progressing she created face book mail/group-chat message where she put the picture of the inside of the birthday card my friend had given her along with a message about how cheap and uncaring my friend was for not treating her in the same fashion that he treated the lady missionary. According to her all what my friend had given her was a folded paper. What was sad also some of the other people who were part of this chat was making remarks encouraging further dissent.
To say my friend was shocked beyond belief is an understatement. He had never intended for things to go this way. But to his credit he did not respond to any of messages going up and down.  And the raging fire of jealousy and hatred has died down. Hopefully this would also mean that what remained of the embers of their relationship too would be extinguished with the fire. Though it is difficult to say when you are referring to people’s emotions. But one thing is for sure who ever said that Hell hath no fury like a woman (who believes she is – at least in this case) scorned was absolutely correct.

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