Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Boys will be boys (even in Japan)

The sounds of “Siri pade samanal Kanda wage” fill the air as the bus moves through the highway. Even though you are supposed to sit in your seats while the bus is driving everyone is standing together in a group and enjoying a sing song with a drink in their hands. If not for the thick snow falling down and covering everything in a blanket of white one would be forgiven for assuming that this was a typical Sri Lankan trip with a bunch of typical Sri Lankan guys.

But it is not.

I am in freezing Nagoya to attend a training in Japanese Management techniques along with a few senior people in the corporate world of Sri Lanka. Our group includes two CEOs of companies whose turnover is in Billions. All together thirty of us (which include two females) are travelling together. It is not even two hours since we landed in Japan. After a long flight with three stopovers everyone is tired.

But the moment we get on the bus first thoughts are about having a drink. We convince the bus driver to stop at a convenience store to buy some plastic cups and shandy and the bottles are open and glasses are clinking. And as our souls warmed up our voices loosened and the songs started coming out thick and fast. I couldn’t help but have a warm feeling in my heart as I observed all this and think to myself it feels good to be Sri Lankan!

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